Talbot Sunbeam Lotus

This is a unique Talbot Sunbeam Lotus from 1980. In the color “Embassy Black” with silver-gray stripes.

This is a unique 1980 Talbot Sunbeam Lotus.
In the color "Embassy Black" with silver-gray stripes.
This car was produced in July 1979 as a result of a more special collaboration between the Chrysler, Talbot, Sunbeam and Lotus brands.
In the period from 1977 to 1980, 2308 pieces were produced, of which nature was used a lot for the serious Rally sport.
In 1981 a Talbot Sunbeam Lotus became world champion.
The Talbot Sunbeam Lotus thus became world champion when production of the model had already been discontinued.

This fast 145 hp Hatchback competed with the Golf GTI in the 1970s.
The strong and reliable Lotus engine (2174cc) is coupled to a 5-speed gearbox with dog-leg shifting pattern.
It is a very cool experience to drive this French-British classic with rear wheel drive.

This car has been in a collection for a number of years and is in very good original condition.
There is an extensive file with the car with Dutch documentation and various certificates from the Sunbeam Lotus Owners Club.
This Sunbeam Lotus has recently been completely checked in England by SJ-Sportscars.
A new toothed belt has been fitted and the engine is fully adjusted.
The wheelhouse and dynamo have been renewed and a complete stainless steel exhaust system has been installed including manifold.
This Sunbeam Lotus drives fantastic and the sound is really brilliant.
What a cool car this is.
As far as we are concerned, a Golf Gti is a boring everyday car.

Talbot Sunbeam Lotus

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