Visit our showroom

Visit our showroom

Always special cars, from competition condition to hobby project.

Do you wish to own a classic car or are you, like us, a fan of special cars?

You are most welcome at Bonnetstraat 33 in Ede to visit our showroom.

In our showroom you will find a varying range of unique classic cars.

Mainly from English, but we also regularly have Italian, French and German beauties.

Buying a classic car is not something you just do, we understand that very well at Classic Open. We would therefore like to meet you personally so that we can give you the best advice

Stop by for an inspiring conversation about driving classics.

We take the time for you and immediately show you around our company. Making an appointment is not necessary but is always possible. Call 026 442 99 37 or send an email to

Have you seen the classic car of dreams at another car company?

Even then we can help you with the purchase. Our specialists will give you independent advice on the quality of the car and help you in the purchase process.

Have you not yet found the car you are looking for? We have an international network of renowned car companies and are happy to help you fulfill your wish.

  1. Classic Open Showroom-07.jpg

    Classic Open Showroom-07.jpg

  2. Classic Open Showroom-08.jpg

    Classic Open Showroom-08.jpg

  3. Classic Open Showroom-10.jpg

    Classic Open Showroom-10.jpg

  4. Classic Open Showroom-15.jpg

    Classic Open Showroom-15.jpg

  5. Classic Open Showroom-17.jpg

    Classic Open Showroom-17.jpg

  6. Classic Open Showroom-19.jpg

    Classic Open Showroom-19.jpg

  7. Classic Open Showroom-20.jpg

    Classic Open Showroom-20.jpg

  8. Classic Open Showroom-23.jpg

    Classic Open Showroom-23.jpg

  9. Classic Open Showroom-30.jpg

    Classic Open Showroom-30.jpg

  10. Classic Open Showroom-36.jpg

    Classic Open Showroom-36.jpg

  11. Classic Open Showroom-37.jpg

    Classic Open Showroom-37.jpg

  12. Classic Open Showroom-44.jpg

    Classic Open Showroom-44.jpg

  13. Classic Open Showroom-45.jpg

    Classic Open Showroom-45.jpg

  14. Classic Open Showroom-49.jpg

    Classic Open Showroom-49.jpg

  15. Classic Open Showroom-52.jpg

    Classic Open Showroom-52.jpg

  16. Classic Open Showroom-53.jpg

    Classic Open Showroom-53.jpg


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